[ISEA2002] Artist Statement: Barbara Doser – see you see me

Artist Statement

Eyes look, observe; a tangle of signals / information in real and virtual space, which are to be deciphered to be understood. What is to be seen? -What is seen? – What is to be heard? – What is heard? – What can be perceived, can be understood, how and from whom? Something seems to irritate. The picture is breaking down and somebody is asking: ”Do I have to take tests already now?” Who is controlled by whom? Text information is faded in: “Tessa’s Herz zog sich zusammen. Sie bekarn ein eigenartiges Gefuhl in ihrem Magen. ‘Welch schmutzigen Dinge, und wer ist wer?’” Somebody called Babel Fish translates: “The inner side of Tessa has concluded an agreement. Basic counting utilities grew in her stomach. ‘What sort of dirty things and who is who?'” What has happened? Fact is: the translation is totaly wrong … or is it a matter of codification? – A true story, its topic is interpretation – Towards less information.

  • Barbara Doser, 1961 born in Innsbruck, lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Studied art history at the University of Innsbruck, doctorate in 1989. Since 1993 free lance artist. Artistic domain: video feedback – processed in experimental and documentary videos, video/media installations and paintings (video stills). Exhibitions/events in Austria and abroad, numerous videos presented in more than 17 countries, represented at several international festivals for film, video and new media. Cooperation in international media art projects, since 1997 sunpendulum.at by Hofstetter Kurt. 1996-1998 moving moments 8 pendel by Hofstetter Kurt in cooperation with the Ars Electronica Center Linz, Austria.