[ISEA2002] Artist Statement: Cat Hope – Fetish

Artist Statement

Fetish is a performance that manipulates the bottom end of noise – bass feedback and distortion. It Fetishises this element of the audio spectrum, and uses it to control, capture and trigger images projected onto, into and around the performer. The artist uses a bass guitar, copper wired bows, radios and a variety of specially devised MAX patches to control live sampling and video interaction. The result is a wall of combined sound and image unlike anything you would have heard or seen…

Fetish is a performance that has psycho-industrial strength, unrelenting passion noise and vision that redefine the terms inventive, futuristic, original and loud.” _Zebra Magazine, 2002

  •  Cat Hope is a performance artist whose works include noise, soundscapes, pop music and film making. She is based in Perth, Western Australia, where she also writes music for dance, theatre, radio and her groups Lux Mammoth, Gata Negra and audio visual duo CavlN. She is featured on Susan Lawly’s Extreme Music From Women compilation, won the Pandom’s Box Film Festival Best Soundtrack award in 2000 and tours extensively. She has collaborated with artists such as lkue Mori, Jon Rose, Stelarc and Irene Moon. This is her first visit to japan which is sponsored by ArtsWA.