[ISEA2002] Artists Statement: Sidney Fels, Sachiyo Takahashi & Baerbel Neubauer – Waking Dream

Artists Statement

We live in two illusory states: awake and dream. The two only co-exist at a special time during a “waking dream”. At this point, we only exist; dream and awake co-exist. This can happen when we are waking up in the morning and is accompanied by a strong sense of situatedness and paralysis. It can be an unsettling, frightening, and enlightening moment. In one experience, we feel pressure on our chest holding us down in our bed but we can see the room around us. Something is happening around us, trying to get us out of bed but we can’t get up. We are aware but immobile. Tension mounts and we try harder and harder to raise up. We panic and struggle. Then, we realize, we are dreaming and fall back asleep hoping to really wake up. This pattern cycles around as if layers of consciousness are being peeled back. In “Waking Dream”, we explore this moment of coexistence. What does it mean? Is this “reality” free of illusion?

  • Sidney Fels, Ph.D is an associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UBC in Vancouver, Canada. Work includes: Glow-Talkll, larnascope, Forklift Ballet, and PlesioPhone. He has exhibited internationally including Ars Electronics Centre, the Millenium Dome, Petmbras VR Exhibition in Brazil.
  • Baerbel Neubauer is an independant artist working in various visual media, including 35mm and 70rnm IMAX film and Quicktirne. Works include: commercials: FALTER-SPOT 7, and ABSOLUT NEUBAUER; 70mm animation: SKY.
  •  Sachiyo Takahashi is an independant intermedia artist looking at the boundary of media. Played in three works by Jan Fabre including “Glowing Icons”. Created and performed “Aviation/Abbreviation”.