[ISEA2002] Artist Statement: VJ Anyone – Single’s Bar 01

Artist Statement

Single’s bar 01 offers a series of parallel hedonistic narratives without any obvious closure. The camera toggles furiously between multiple views of clubbers involved in a serious dance floor session. The strobing effects never allow the viewer’s gaze to grasp any given character for more than a millisecond, before they merge back into a melee of winks, smiles and pelvic thrusts. The protagonists are flirting, sometimes with one another, sometimes with the camera. The white background suggest a dreamlike state. They are submerged in light, and not entirely sober. ..

  • VJ Anyone (the Anyone Collective, UK) was born in Los Angeles and has completed a Masters Degree in Interactive Media at Universit√© du Quebec a Montreal (Canada). He has exhibited many video installations and projects in Canada, France, UK and South America. He has also produced live video performances at numerous club events for top performers in the music industry such as Talvin Singh, Goldie, Carl Cox, Roots Manwa, Derek Carter, Plasticman and Kid Koala. He lives and works in London, UK.