[ISEA2002] Artists Statement: Toru Yamanaka & Softpad – information

Artists Statement

How They Get The Way They Are

on the day of departure we leave our stories behind

passing each other for no reason at many different choices of cross roads travelers spin out new tales

stories that have no story that get emptied when one gets home seeking moments of freedom

not sure we step into unknown fields a clock ticks away at irregular intervals perception strained brand new scenes feebly reflected

scent of comforting memories waken us where am I? one asks, no one replies

fragmented heaven, fractal memories encountering reality necessary for rebirth whom is this for?

what do you do if the unknown blocks your pass?

the place of departure has already moved

please imagine your favorite place or travel route

“How They Get The Way They Are” is a sound and visual work, produced and performed by toru yamanaka + softpad. “information” is the archive of the sounds and the images used in the “how they get the way they are” project, which was a collaboration with Toru Yamanaka.)

  • Softpad is a unit of Takuya Minami, Tomohiro Ueshiba and Teruyasu Okumura. They got their start doing live performance in Kyoto in 1999. The three maintain their extremely flexible stance with artistic activities in a variety of genres such as graphic design, web design, video, etc.
  • Toru Yamanaka,music composer.┬áBorn in Osaka, Japan. As a music composer, producer, club DJ and organizer Yamanaka creates his worb with various artists around the world.From 1984 till 2000 he joined the Japanese performance group Dumb Type as a music composer and sound designer.Now he is doing live performances all over the world, creating Art with a strong relationship to the ever moving society.