[ISEA2002] Artists Statement: Mika Miyabara & Tatsuo Sugimoto – bounce street

Artists Statement

Various colors are changing in the street. This work is expressing change of the color in the street with the animation and sound in which balls are bouncing. The expression of the street – signboards of stores, people’s dress which goes back and forth – is photoed with video camera. The photoed image becomes the animation in which balls bounce on realtime. And it is projected on the surface of a wall of a building. People passing through the street can participate in change of the color of a town, and can enjoy the ball and sound which bounce.
Equipment Supported by: Department of Visual Media, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences Miyabara and Sugimoto have collaborated since 2000 at IAMAS (International Academy Media Arts and Sciences).

2001 Asia Digital Art Award. Fukuoka Asia Museum (Fukuoka, Japan)
2001 IROMONO. ORIVETEI (Aichi, Japan)
2001 lnteractive Art Gellery. Ogaki joho Kobo (Gifu, japan)
2002 5th Media Arts Festival, Agency for Cultural Affairs.
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Tokyo, Japan) 2002 retake. Sendai Mediatheque (Miyagi, Japan)
2002 bounce street. Gallery Sen (Osaka, Japan)

  • Mika Miyabara, 2000 – 2002 Interactive Media Study at IAMAS.
  • Tatsuo Sugimoto, 2000 – 2002 Interactive Media Study at IAMAS. 2002 – now Research Associate at NUAS (Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences).