[ISEA2002] Artists Statement: Takeshi Inomata & Tsutomu Yamamoto – Talking Tree

Artists Statement

I met with one driftwood at the dry riverbed in Kiso-River. Where had it extend its roots, and how had it spent? There are much information about the kind of the tree on books and website. However, they do not answer the thing which I want to know truly. They do not approach me with the tree’s lively being. We accustomed ourselves to the information sucked out of the thing too much. I want to find the intrinsic information in its being. But it is very difficult. At least, I want to hear the tale of silent voice by touching it calmly.

  • Takeshi Inomata. Born in Nagoya, Japan, 1966. He is a carpenter and media artist. Grand prix of general invitation section in ARTEC (1991) Collection of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (1994) Award of LAMAS (2000)
  • Tsutomu Yamamoto. Born in Amagasaki, Japan, 1976. “The sensational accuracy carried out based on inner distance information and its basis are studied”.