[FISEA 1988] Paper: Edward Zajec – Orphics: Computer Graphics and the Shaping of Time with Colour


In view of the unprecedented control and flexibility now offered by computers, the author discusses ideas and techniques for the fluid articulation of color in time and illustrates his concepts with recent work. Parallels with music and mathematics (fractals) are discussed concerning such musical practices as modulation and thematic transformation.The nature of dividual as opposed to individual forms is considered from the point of view of color dynamics and dimensional upgrades. Parallels with music and film are made concerning the nature of thematic dissolves. The emergence of a hypothetical language of light and sound (Orphics) is envisioned.

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  • Edward Zajec¬†(IT/SI/US) was among the pioneers in the 1960’s, and more recently is professor of computer graphics at the School of Art and Design at Syracuse University. His focus has been real-time artworks originating in his paintings, which used repetition and redundancy, then developed with the use of computers from 1968. [source:¬†dam.org/artists/phase-one/edward-zajec]