[FISEA 1988] Presentations

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  • Willem Dijkhuis — All Kinds of Revolutions
  • Harold Cohen — AI Paradigm
  • Herbert Franke — Hyper Instruments
  • John Sanborn — Technologies and Story Writing
  • William Buxton — User Interfaces: The State of the Science in the Arts

Paper Presentations

Aesthetic Issues and Computer Art

Exploring New Tools for the Artist

Applying AI-Techniques to Art

  • Peter Beyls — Discovery through Interaction
  • Joan Kirsch & Russell Kirsch — Storing Art Images in Intelligent Computers
  • Roman Verostko — Epigenetic Painting:Software as Genotype, a New Dimension of Art

Art, Mathematics and LogicArt

New Tools for the Composer

Computer Animation Papers

Relating Image and Sound

Computer Art in Japan

  • Itsuo Sakane — State of the Computer Art in Japan

Interactive Art: a Renaissance?

  • Joel Slayton — Towards a New Media Technology Interactive Virtual Environments
  • Stephen Bell — Using Computers in an Art Practice From Computer-plotted Drawings to Interactive Computer Art

Panels and Roundtable Discussions

Institutional Networking Research in Art and Technology

  • Thomas Linehan (Chair)
  • William Sadler
  • Thuy Tran
  • Darcy Gerbarg

Computer Animation Panel

  • Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (Chair)
  • Robin King
  • Kees van Prooijen

Organisational Networking

  • Roger Malina (Chair)
  • Mark Resch
  • Itsuo Sakane
  • Craig Harris
  • Alistar Livingstone

Artificial Intelligence in the Arts

  • Raymond Lauzzana (Chair)
  • Joan Kirsch
  • Fred Truck
  • Patric Prince
  • Russel Kirsch
  • Laura Scholl

Programming Environments for the Art

  • Peter Desain (Chair)
  • Peter Beyls
  • Harold Cohen
  • Margriet Hoenderdos
  • Stephen Pope

Institutional Presentations

Informal Get Together

  • Reception and Presentation: Research in Art and Technology by Thomas Linehan and John Chowning in the new Center for Art, Media & Technology in Utrecht.