[ISEA96] Poster: Derek Richards – Permanent Revolution: Flame Wars

Poster Statement

Conceptual design, music, programming and video by Derek Richards Still image generation by Mark Perry Programming assistance, Estella Rushaija Permanent Revolution part 2 is an exploration of the role that convergence of migrating peoples and the resulting fusions play in the development of new cultural forms. It poses an alternative to the groping for representations of cultural purity and homogeneity within the reactionary construct of a race as a response to oppression. It proposes that all cultures are born out of the fusions of those of migrating peoples- whether such migrations are voluntary or enforced. With Permanent Revolution I have attempted to create a piece of work which straddles both the areas of entertaining work at the cutting edge of interactive technology and content rich, issue based material.

  • Derek Richards (UK) is a musician/performer ,sound designer and theorist with experience in theatre, popular music and film currently working as a multi media artist and producer on a range of projects.