[ISEA98] Curator Statement: Chara Lewis, Martell Linsdell, Anneke Pettican, Kirsten Mojsiewicz, Helen Bendon/Jo Lansley & Adelin Clarke – Brass Art at the Palace

Curator Statement

Brass Art at the Palace, The Palace Hotel at Oxford Road

The Hotel has been chosen as a loaded site, heavy with references to luxury, anonymity, loneliness, romance, secrecy, brief sexual encounters etc… on a sliding scale from opulence to seediness.┬áThe project involves the use of video and other digital media including stills, digitally manipulated photographs, installation and performance, and utilises the existing technology in the hotel – the CCTV system, monitors in rooms, interactive video wall, voice mail and the hotel’s web site.


  • Chara Lewis
  • Martell Linsdell
  • Anneke Pettican
  • Kirsten Mojsiewicz
  • Helen Bendon & Jo Lansley
  • Adelin Clarke