[ISEA2000] Artist Statement: Marita Liulia — ‘Maïre’ and ‘La Garce Ambitieuse’

Artist Statement


Marita Liulia is an artist, and a pioneer in multimedia. Her ‘Maïre’ was one of the first artworks to be produced as a CD-Rom. Then, ‘La Garce ambitieuse’ brought her world-wide fame and several awards, including the International Mobius Award, the Ars Electronica and the Finnish State award. In her multimedia works, Marita Liulia combines research, entertainment and technology, with a spiritual sense of humour into the bargain.

My ambition is to seduce the spectators and push them into action. I want them to become aware of what they are thinking, so that they can either draw benefit from it, or challenge it.