[ISEA2000] Artists Statement: FLORENT AZIOSMANOFF – The Silk Route: Around the XIIIth century

Artists Statement

INSTALLATION/Documentary Program

This program invites you to go on a journey to discover the Silk Route. Admist a landscape stretching from Italy to China, the viewer can come across 55 documents (texts and images) dealing with the history of the Silk Route, and more generally, cultural and scientific interminglings as a factor of civilisations’s evolution.
This programme is staked on the way it has chosen to present the documents. They are either sedentary, gathered around the stopping places (Venice, Constantinople, Samarkand and Changan), or travellers journeying in caravans or alone. Whenever the viewer wants to consult one of them, as to come into «real» contact with them, he or she approaches them «face to face». This is then interpreted as a desire to consult the document, which is instantaneously displayed on the screen to be read. It remains on the screen until the viewer decides to continue his or her route.

Developped in the context of a residency at l’Espace Culture Multimedia du Centre culturel Saint-Exupery de Reims. Support: Ville de Reims, Banque SNVB.

  • Florent Aziosmanoff: Concept
  • Xavier Boissarie: Production
  • Veronique Caraux: Graphics
  • Roland Cahen: Music
  • Jean-Joseph Dardennes, Pascale Argod & Agnes Duguy: Content