[ISEA2000] Artist Statement: TODOR TODOROFF – Voices part I&II

Artist Statement


These are the first two movements, composed in 1997 at ARTeM and in 1999 at IMEB, of an on-going project, exploring different ways of using voices. Voices Part 1 explores transformations of voices and percussive sounds with the MARS, with the addition of some granulation sounds, and plays with the contrast between strong rythmical elements and stationary sound structures, almost suspended in time.

Voices Part 11 recreates an imaginary world of sounds reminiscent of the feelings of endless spaces and weightlessness the composer experienced listening to badly tuned short waves radios as a child. He was fascinated by the mysterious foreign voices, and by the coincidences that arose between different programs, like if they were talking to each other despite distances and languages. He constructed an octophonic space where different voices are like islands of flickering light in a night full of beeps and long high-pitched frequency sweeps.

  • TODOR TODOROFF, Belgium,¬†Composer, developer of interactive systems and gesture-controlled virtual instruments¬†¬†todoroff.be