[ISEA2000] Curator Statement: IMEB – electro-acoustic programme

Curator Statement


  1. Patrick Kosk (Finland) – Ice Bice (1998-1999) 11’07”
  2. Christian Clozier (France) – Le temps scintille et le songe et savoir 13′
  3. Pierre Boeswillwald (France) – Le complexe du simple (2000) 14′
  4. Erik Michael Karlsson (Sweden) – Reponse / Reposante (1996) 11’15”
  5. Yves Coffy (France) – Tentations Gazeuses (1999) 12’20”
  6. Elio Martusciello (Italy) – The Wave (1998) 15’10”
  7. Alain Savouret (France) – La Trans Solitaire (1984) 10′
  8. Joris De Laet (Belgium) – L’art Maniaque (2000) 11’30”

The IMEB was founded in 1970 by Francoise Barriere and Christian Clozier. In this International programme, mainly French, are gathered a range of electroaccoustic works produced by the Institute’s Composers and others who regularly come there to compose. The institute enhances a resolutely electroaccoustic music in its making: polyphonical works as well as what is commonly called ‘programme music’ have always prevailed. Nevertheless, the IMEB does not refuse to receive differently orientated composer’s personnalities if their works prove to be original and strong. The Institue thus remains consistent in its goals always confirmed throughout its research, distribution, festivals, competitions, colloquies, editions and training activities : impulsing and sustaining the electroacoustic international movement in its plurality, its dynamism, its constant research for New sound and musical scapes to explore.

  • IMEB, Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges, France