[ISEA2000] Curator Statement: The Pierre Schaeffer’s Centre of Research – ISEA2000 VIDEO SELECTION

Curator Statement

The Pierre Schaeffer’s Centre of Research presents visual and sound images of their collection (archives and deposits). The Centre confronts this historical selection of exception to their own personnel productions, focalized on electroacoustic creation. For video, the morning will combine Pierre Schaefer’s rare works, as the Study aux allures, Le Triedre Fertile, Dialogue du son et de !’image (at the Appearances, The Fertile Triedre, Sound and Visual Dialogue), with, as a counterpoint, animation movies from the Research Department or from independent composers, as Piotr Kamler’s Le trou (The Hole), Peter Foldes’ Narcissus Echo (First movie computer made by SR), Elsa Justel and Majling’s L’illusion sensible (The Sensitive Illusion). At last, Pierre Schaeffer’s Centre presents a range of its sound creations from the serie Study to Objects to the serie A special look.

For electroacoustic sessions, the Pierre Schaeffer Centre presents the winners of Pierre Schaeffer Centre / Sound Hunters competition, the Dix Sub (Ten Bubbles) (serie Bilude, coproduced with the Berlioz school’s workshop /conservatory of Vincennes, associated composer Francis Lavor) and some surprises…