[ISEA97] Artist Statement: Michael Sturtz — Remains and Artifacts of a Dead Planet

Artist Statement

Here you will find the rarest and most valuable remnants this third planet, one of nine, in a small, insignificant solar system in the unexplored western end of the galaxy. This desolate planet is unique because it was once believed to have supported such abundant life that its large bodies of water reflected a bright blue aura. As hypothesized by our archaeologists, the creatures that once inhabited this world transformed its atmosphere by constantly polluting and destroying the natural working order of the planet. The dull yellow land mass and pale reddish-black gaseous clouds are a clear indication that the planet’s atmosphere burned off, ending the life of the planet as well as its inhabitants. The reasons for this self-destructive transformation are as mysterious as the strange objects and skeletal remains that have been excavated.

Source: michaelsturtz.com

  • Michael Sturtz is a San Francisco Bay Area multi-media sculptor who has exhibited in California, Italy, New York, & Chicago. His work often includes creative mixtures of natur­al elements, metals, kinetics, light, fire, water, and video. For the past two years Michael has been teaching sculpture in the Bay Area, from bronze casting to stone carving, ceram­ics to welding. He is currently pursuing his MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.