[ISEA2000] Poster: SIMEON NELSON – Neuronature

Poster Statement

This presentation traces themes in the authors cunent work pertaining to mathematics and its relationship to the world and how the world is perceived within the current technologically mediated environment. The title Neuronature refers to the fundamental problem of the disjunction between the neural (interior) and the natural (external) world. This basic dialogue positions nature as the a priori model for technology while simultaneously positioning technology as a filter to the perception of nature.

  • Simeon Nelson‘s work is topological, using the language of biology and taxonomy to sift properties of form and structure from the urban landscape. The author seeks to align the tendrils of the freeway network with the infinite branchings of the internet; to make concrete the abstract patterns found in the artificial and the natural, the virtual and the real that encapsulate and delimit human existence.