[ISEA2000] Poster: OKSANA CHEPELYK – LAFA: Long ago and far ahead

Poster Statement

Long Ago it were 9 muses and Far Ahead it will be only one muse of the ‘screen culture’. The screen is chosen as a source (it could be a real screen, the facade of a building, an inflatable object) – the Universal Screen as the way of thinking and technology. In as much as the screen has changed its primal function of a protective barrier that demonstrates the incredible possibilities of reflection and visual ultra emanation and really becomes the fetish of the contemporary culture determined in our days as ‘the screen culture’, shifting Gutenberg’s ‘book culture’. The multi-screening installation Long Ago and Far Ahead is dealing with the art history and new technologies. The Black Square of Malevitch transforms into ‘The White rectangle of Screen’ that in its turn evaluates into sphere of ‘Air Balloon Screen’. The Air balloon lifts the video camera on necessary height showing the symbolic take-off and openness, mental as well as physical, giving the possibility to look over the Horizon creating art intervention: the ‘Virtual See Tower’.

LAFA Project is realised with the help and support oÍ Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (Germany), Center of Contemporary Art (Kiev), Foundation of Support of Arts Development in Ukraine, Ministry of Culture and Arts Ukraine], APEXChanges program.

The participants:

  • 0ksana Chepelyk, Ukraine, artist
  • Cris Mann, USA, voice, language
  • Keith Jafrate, Great Britain, musician
  • Evgeniy Kikenko, Ukraine, musician