Artists Statement

CREAM  Liverpool

Internationally renowned Granular Synthesis present their new live performance installation. Featuring singer and artist Diamanda Galas, `Modell 7′ is based on an eight voiced clone-choir which forms an impacting and versatile instrument. Aiming to achieve a new level of formal beauty and strictness that simultaneously disorientates and disturbs the audience, it involves eight video projections side by side which form a super wide angle.Oscillat¬ing light and imagery, subsonic frequencies and driving rhythmic grids guide the audience into a state of hypnotic drift, creating a strong sensual experience intended to establish a state of joy, anxiety and intellectual clarity.

Commissioned by Hull Time Based Arts as part of the public sightings programme of PHOT098, the UK Year of Photography and the Electronic Image.

  • Kurt Hentschlaeger & Ulf Langheinrich, GRANULAR SYNTHESIS, Austria

Supported by the Austrian Cultural Institute.