[ISEA2000] Panel: CHARLOTTE POCHHACKER (moderator) — City Scapes

Panel Statement


Dealing with contemporary cities and its architecture is dealing with the changing perception and experience of (public) space, and by extension with the public sphere. Some critics have reduced the evolution of the urban experience to the decline of the city, and the loss of reality. And the fact that the public space is no longer only a (physical) city space but also a (virtual) data space, has only strengthened their pessimism. But how do contempo¬rary artists perceive and experience the contemporary city and the evolving public space ? How do they use city architecture and the structuring of the public space as a cultural text through which the economical and social can be read ? Does their (new media) art offer a possibility to formulate an alternative vision ?


  • Charlotte Pochhacker, Director of [artimage] and Graz Biennial on Media + Architecture concentrates on the exploration of the complex relations of, and between, architecture, urbanity, art, and moving images.


  • Hermann Asselsbergh, Els Opsomer & Rony Visser. Artists, graphic designers, curators, cultural critics. They work on multimedia installations. Their recent works include : Slightly Bemused by this Lack of Orientation, 1999, Maastricht (NL)  Marres, Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, and Wanting to Become Part of the Environment, 2000, Deurle – Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens (B).
  • Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber collaborate since 1993 on projects on archi¬tecture, new media, visual politics. Selected projects and exhibitions: Cityalias, De Paviljoens, Almere, NI 2000; But is it Politics, Banff Center, Canada 1998, Media+Architecture, Graz 1999.
  •  Yvonne Wilhelm, Alexander Tuchacek & Christian Buehler (Knowbotic Research), KR/CH/DE. Participant in major international exhibitions (i.e. Venice Biennale 99, Aussendienst Kunstverein Hamburg 2000 1; teaching New Media at University of Art and Design Zurich; major international awards. (Int. media-art award ZKM Karlsruhe 95 and 2000; Prix Ars Electronica, Golden Nica 93 and 98)
  • Bart Lootsma, NL. Historian, critic and curator in the fields of architecture, design and visual arts. He is Director of the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam and thesis-tutor at the Berlage Institute. He’s also editor of ARCH’S, and editor of the yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands. Together with Dick Rijken he published the book Media and Architectur and SuperDutch, 2000.