[ISEA2000] Panel: Jean-Baptiste Barriere (Moderator) – Interfaces for sound and musical installations Panel intro

Panel Statement

The examination of today’s musical production shows the accelerated deve-lopment of composer’s interest, and not only anymore mostly of artists, for sound and musical installations, moreover interactive. In the same time, gestural but also graphical interfaces, transducers and sound material repre¬sentation and control tools, are going through a fantastic renewment. This round-table will be the occasion to discuss the artistic goals and the trends.


  • Jean-Baptiste Barriere Composer, expert in interactive and generative music.


  • Jacopo Baboni Schilingi Composer-researcher at the IRCAM, Paris. He currently develops projects on the interaction between music and architectu-re with P. Copat, and between music and text with J.P. Balpe. He is titular of the class of composition at the National School of Music of Montbeliar and lecturer in the department of Contemporary Musicology of the Sorbonne. At the request of Luciano Berio he is founder and director of the Pedagogy Department of the center Tempo Reale, Florence.
  • Joel Chadabe Composer and performer, Joel Chadabe has pioneered the development of interactive music systems. His book Electric Sound is the first comprehensive overview of electronic music, and his articles have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. He is currently Professor Emeritus at State University of New York at Albany, Director of the Electronic Music Studio at Bennington College, and founder and President of Electronic Music Foundation.
  • Thierry Coduys Studied guitar, singing and percussion (Zarb) at the Conservatoire de Paris. Then he became creative and technical director a: the Villa Medicis Electroacoustic Studio in Rome, while working at the Ircarr (Institute of Experimental Music). For the last few years he has contribute: to the creation of pieces for the greatest composers such as Luciano Bari: Philippe Hurel, Steve Reich and John Cale for international festivals, and has worked with Tempo Reale as a musical assistant to Luciano Berio. In 1991 founded La Kitchen, a place for creating and developing music which offers various themes of Multi-Art oriented technological research and development.