[ISEA2000] Panel: Andreas Broeckmann (moderator) – Networked Art Practices panel intro

Panel Statement


The Syndicate Network is a large network of artists, curators and theorists involved in media culture and media art, many of whom live and work in Central and Eastern Europe. Since its founding in 1996, the Syndicate has sought to initiate encounters and cooperations between East and West, with the aim of lowering and finally abolishing the threshold between dif¬ferent parts of Europe.
The panel will give a rich survey of Syndicate-related activities over the past two to three years and will place an emphasis on the relationship between co-operation online and co-operation in physical spaces as a characteristic of these different practices. The panel will treat three aspects: Collaborative Events; Translocal Feasts; Cross-border Art.


  • Andreas Broeckmann, Germany/Netherlands, V2 (The Netherlands)


  • Frederic Madre, France, pleine-peau.com
  • Nina Czegledy, Hungary/Canada, Crossing Over
  • Iliyana Nedkova, Bulgaria/United Kingdom, Virtual Revolutions
  • Jennifer de Felice, Czecho-Slovakia, Cafe9
  • Maria X, Greece, Medi©terra
  • Guy Van Belle, Belgium, Hand over that media
  • Jean-Philippe Halgand, France, Pavu.com

and representatives of the Ostranenie festival (Germany/United States), I am still alive Croatia/The Netherlands), Eurynome’s gambit (Germany/France) and x-arn.org (France)