[ISEA98] Artist Statement: Perry Hoberman – SYSTEM UPDATE and FARADAY’S GARDEN

Artist Statement

Internationally renowned artist Perry Hoberman brings his work to the UK for the first time, with the exhibition of a new commission, ‘System Update’, and an earlier work, ‘Faraday’s Garden’. Hoberman re-functionalises the everyday environment, combining high level new technology with familiar mundane materials, viewing the contemporary proliferation of consumer goods and gadgets with a mixture of affection, irreverent pranksterism and intelligent satire.


Commissioned by Hull Time Based Arts with PHOT098 (the UK year of Photography and the Electronic image) with support from the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England and The University of Hull Computer Science Department and University of Lincolnshire and Humberside School of Architecture. The presentation of ‘System Update’ has been made possible through the financial support of the International Initiatives Fund of the Arts Council of England.