[ISEA98] Micz Flor – REVOLTING


Organiser Statement


Temporary Media Lab
The closer you zoom in on the revolution’ the more you lose focus. Attempts to define a universal check list for this real change of a social system have failed. Where does that leave the Digital Revolution? Revolting replaces the handset on the master narrative and dials again…
Throughout a five week period, ‘Revolting’ will host a series of events, workshops and screenings, presented by a number of international guests working with media in activism, culture and theory.

Confirmed participants on site and at date of print: Jamika Ajalon, The Annual Programme, backspace, Black Arts Alliance, Black Multimedia Arts Collective, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Sonja Bruenzels, Heath Bunting, Martin Conrads, convex tv., Mukhtar Dar, Deep Dish TV, Digital Zapatismo Network, dogfilm, Ricardo Dominguez, E-Lab, Hypermedia Research Centre, Natalie Jeremijenko, Die Kunst, Miguel Leal,Liverpool Black Sisters, luxus cont.,Cristina Mateus, Ed van Megen, Vera Midic, Branka Milic Davic, Museum of Modern Strategy, Mute, Paper Tiger TV, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Virtual Revolutions, Florian Zeyfang… more to confirm… and many more remote participants expected.

Organised by Micz Flor at FACT and Salford University. Supported by the Collaboration Programme at the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT), Innovation in Digital and Electronic Arts (IDEA), Salford University, Goethe Institut, North West Arts Board and Crash Media.



Micz Flor, UK