[ISEA98] Curator Statement: Helen Sloan (curator) – star dot star

Curator Statement


  1. Paul De Marinis [Us] — Dinner At Ernie’s And A Flaw In The Decor
  2. Mike Guida & Mark Winstanley [Uk] — Incubator
  3. Madelon Hooykaas & Elsa Stansf1eld [Nl/Uk] — Table Of Re-Orientation
  4. Simon Penny [Au/Us] — Petit Mal

Inspired by the seminal 1968 exhibition at the ICA, ‘Cybernetic Serendipity’, ‘star dot star’ examines the influence that electronic art from the 1960’s has had on current practice. It draws attention to the extensive – but often overlooked in the wider picture – history of computer use in the production of art in the last 30 years and attempts to debunk the ‘newness’ often attributed to artworks using new technology.

‘star dot star’ exhibition and catalogue curated and edited by Helen Sloan.¬†Catalogue contributors: Lisa Haskel, John Lansdown, Jasia Reichardt.¬†Due to spatial limitations, this is an abridged version of the Site Gallery touring exhibition. The full exhibition also includes work by Natalie Jeremijenko, Tessa Elliott & Jonathan Jones Morris.

  • Helen Sloan, England

Funded by The Arts Council of England.