[ISEA98] Artist Statement: Rita Myers – Transient Species

Artist Statement

Rita Myers presents her new interactive robotic installation ‘Transient Species’. Using small robots located in a specially constructed sonic environment, the work evokes the vanishing limits of the human self whether manifested in the angels and demons of the past or the technologically-mediated, transgendered bodies of the present.

  • Rita Myers, USA.¬†Since 1975, Rita Myers has created a body of large-scale, multi-media installations that create highly theatrical, metaphorical spaces from a fusion of video, text, sound, and sculptural and natural forms. Juxtaposing elements of landscape and architecture, these formalized, symbolic environments function as contemplative sites that resonate with evocations of the ritualistic and the mystical. [Source:¬†eai.org/artists/rita-myers/biography]