[ISEA98] Panel: Olga Tobrelut – Films: Party, Love Story, M. Monroe, V. Mayakovsky and Manifesto of Neo-Academism

Panel Statement

Panel: St. Petersburg 3.0

The film Party comprises two parts and the plot is presented in the semi-tragic/semi-ironic way. The New Actors perform for the first time in this film. The New Actors are artists, musicians, fashion models, art critics by profession and they are already well known as personalities in the local cultural situation. They are selected for precise roles to present the modes of their behaviour and personal styles. The main characters in this story are famous cultural heroes of the Russian 19th – 20th century, who inspired not only the world cultural policy, but myths, film stars, amateurs and fans. Each part of the film comprises a story which never happened in reality. But the plot is based on the quotations from the products of writers and poets who are presented in the film like characters: Pushkin talks to Gogol and Mayakovsky to Marilyn Monroe. The quotations are well known for the Russian audience since childhood and the film works like a rebus or enigma, amusing and philosophical at once. The plot is worked out around the game on the billiard table. We trace the fantasises of the beloved. On the green table cloth as on the green field. The film as the art work will be interesting because of the combination of the new technologies and the old traditional idea of the film still structured as a picture.

  • Olga Tobrelut (Russia),¬†Artist, St. Petersburg.