[ISEA98] Panel: Colin Fallows, Pete Fulwell & Michelle Wardle (moderators) – Panel Intro Evolution 2.0

Panel Statement

This panel will examine and contextualize recent work with generative systems. A Liverpool Art School research award has enabled the development and publication of the CD ROM entitled Evolution 2.0, an audio-visual anthology including history, current practice and debate around Generative Arts. Papers, presentations, audio/visual demonstrations and discussion will include a representation of the artists, programme creators and academics who have contributed to Evolution 2.0.
The panel also includes a demonstration and discussion of SSEYO Koan^oasis, the online generative composition created by a networked community of Koan artists described by Brian Eno as “a kind of global music eco system. Each composer contributes a musical ‘life form’ with its own character and behaviour, and the music is the rich, ever-changing ecology of interactions between the life forms”.

  • Colin Fallows (UK), Convenor,┬áReader in Audio and Visual Arts, Liverpool Art School, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Pete Fulwell (UK), Convenor,┬áManaging Director, Merseyside Online Ltd.
  • Michelle Wardle (UK), Convenor,┬áProgramme Leader MA Multimedia Arts, Liverpool Art School, Liverpool John Moores University