[ISEA98] Panel: Claudio Pinhanez (moderator) – Computers in Theatre: New Dimensions for Stage, Actors and Audience

Panel Statement

Computers have already changed the production and perception of cinema and music. Choreographers and dancers have in recent years tried to experiment with the possibilities of the new medium. However, the use of computers in theatre is still restricted to a few pioneers, in spite of technological advances that are making more and more feasible the appearance on stage of computer-controlled characters or actors with enhanced bodies.
This panel addresses how drama and comedy can be revolutionised by a new generation of non-human characters and actors, and by novel ways of audience participation. From the current technological limitations and developments to the new possibilities open to play-writers, the objective is to critically examine previous works, to assess current tendencies, and to dream of what theatre can be in the future.
Papers, videos, presentations and demonstrations have been invited from artists, academics, critics and theatre producers concerned with the experimental use of computers in theatre.

  • Claudio Pinhanez, Convenor (USA),┬áResearch Assistant, Perceptual Computing Group, MIT Media Laboratory, Massachusetts