[ISEA98] Panel: Emma Posey – Technique in Place and Technology with Reference to Contemporary Fine Art

Panel Statement

Panel: Bio-Architectures, Virtual Cities: The Revolutionary Human-Machine Community

A sense of place can be successfully manipulated to influence and control people by stimulating a response of recognition and recall. The construction of place parallels aspects of ‘technique’ which is a theoretical approach to technology. This theory determines technology to be a mode of ordering and an autonomous entity which surpasses the machine (Ellul: 1965). Technique orders space, amongst other things, into specialised, distributed, and efficient places (Lefebvre: 1974). This paper will cite the gallery to be a result of technique in spatialisation. The etymological link of ‘are and ‘technology’, stemming from the Greek word ‘techne’, reinforces the argument that both the gallery and the fine art work found within are suitable settings from which to explore the effects of technology on notions of place. Technology can only been confronted from within itself (Heidegger: 1954).
This paper presents contemporary fine art work which address aspects of technique, place, and technology. Artists referred to will include Mike Bode, Graham Gussin, Siobhan Hapaska, Marielle Neudecker, Julian Opie, Bridget Smith, and Elizabeth Wright, in addition to the author’s own art work.Emma Posey

  • Emma Posey (UK),¬†University of Wales, Cardiff