[ISEA98] Panel: Tsutomo Miyasato – The Magic Light for Viewing the Inside of Objects: A Supernatural Interactive Display

Panel Statement

Panel: Bio-Architectures, Virtual Cities: The Revolutionary Human-Machine Community


  1. OBJECTIVE: This presentation proposes a new image representation system which would impress its users as a system offering ‘excitement, enjoyment, and discovery’.
  2. THE NEW SYSTEM VS. CURRENT SYSTEMS: Current systems employ CG technology to display the images of, for example, ancient works of pottery in electronic museums. With these systems users can rotate the object by pointing devices so that they can view it from different angles. The Magic Light system has a wholly new feature, however. By putting the magic light to an object on a monitor, observers are able to see the inside part of the object. It looks as if the part of the object gets transparent and hidden part comes out on the surface. It is the effective way to entertain participant by using a light. Also participants can experience sense of discovery, as well.
  3. CONCLUSION: The Magic Light system enables users not just to change the angle from which they view an object, but to see through the object. Example applications would include the ability to read the ancient writings hidden inside a treasure vase.
  • Tsutomo Miyasato (Japan),¬†ATR Research Laboratories, Kyoto