[ISEA96] Artist Statement: Monika Karasova – DOOM

Artist Statement

In her work DOOM (by which she means ruin), Monika Karasova presents a short story taking place in a 3D animated landscape with symbolic objects, which should sensually induce motion in space and its surpassing. Neither for the author, nor for the viewer the very story should be too important, because it is his story – he is the one who enters the story, the space. The visual effect is underlined by suggestive music by Roman Dzupinka. Its monumentality contributes the clear spatial feelings. The author relies on the overall emotional effect of her work.

The project DOOM was created on Silicon Graphics computers, using Alias Software, in the Frame Studio in Prague.

  • Monika Karasov√°, Czech Republic,¬† was born in 1974 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.