[ISEA96] Artist Statement: Jawek Kwakman – The End of Fertility as We Know It

Artist Statement

The presented work:” THE END OF FERTILITY AS WE KNOW IT ” is a comment on the fact that fertility is now in the hands of science. In-vitro, cloning and DNA technology are the tools with which fertility is under scrutiny in powerful laboratory’s thus dictating the way fertility has to go. In the presented work I used microscope images of Ovary’s placed in a background of Hubble telescoop images of the crab nebula. Both representing natures fertility.Since 1985 do I use electronic imaging to realise 2 and 3 dimensional artwork. My work field is: “THE MICROCOSMOS”, the area between micron and atom, revealed by electron and light microscope, showing natures miraculous constructions beyond our perceptibility and notion. The basis for my work, the monochrome, green electron microscope images, are transferred to videotape and digitized into the computer. ln the computer l am manipulating, filtering and adding other images until I feel that the complexity and beauty of that hidden world is made visible. The finished image is transferred to m.o. disk and send to the U.S.A. to be printed on a large scale inkjetprinter which is able to print the image any desired size. The prints can be used for inside and outside environments, they are printed on vinyl with acrylic paints. The smaller images are also inkjet, but printed on paper.