[ISEA96] Curator Statement: René Paré (MAD) — MADDisc CDROM

Curator Statement

The disc contains both original art, submitted for the CD, and contents of the symposium, like a series of slides and almost all abstracts and artist statements. Also a selection was made of Websites that were submitted for the ISEA96 Art Exhibition.

Original art, a.o.:
Annette Loudon — samples of VRML projects: Echofles, Birth of the Gargoyle, and Sky

URLs, still alive in 2020 (although of course not with the same content as in 1996):

  1. Samia A. Halaby     art.net/Studios/Visual/Samia/samia.html
  2. M.R. Petit   echonyc.com/~mrp
  3. Middlesex University Computing Science    cs.mdx.ac.uk
  4. SITO projects    sito.org
  5. The Digital Giraffe Virtual Studio     giraffe.com
  6. Artnetweb      artnetweb.com
  7. Pseudo Online Network    pseudo.com
  8. Public Netbase       t0.or.at
  • The ISEA96 CD-Rom was produced by René Paré (NL), general director of design company Grafico de Poost and founder of Multi Art Disk (MAD).