[ISEA98] Artist Statement: Steve Roden – helios flying

Artist Statement

Steve Roden created in be tween noise in order to give his explorations of music and sound their proper place within the context of his visual and fine art activities. Using a combination of broken, found, ethnic, and toy instruments, field recordings, tapes, and electronic manipulation; in be tween noise creates delicate and quiet sound works that explore the acoustic qualities of objects and the layering of sounds. Roden’s voice, as well as his use of instruments on which he is untrained add to an intensely personal music. Roden has performed internationally..and his in be tween noise CD’s have received praise in various international publications. Roden has been an exhibiting visual artist since 1984, with solo and group exhibitions in galleries, museums and alternative spaces all over the world.

  • Steve Roden,  in be tween noise, Los Angeles, California, USA