[ISEA98] Curator Statement: Colin Fallows – REV: live performances

Curator Statement

REV is a programme of live performances presenting the work of a collection of artists currently operating in the world of experimental electronic music. Each of the performers will develop a focused mix of fifteen minutes duration during a two-part sonic soiree. Performances have been invited from sound artists, experimental composers, noise-makers and audio creators concerned with developing (r)evolutionary uses for old technologies in the creation of a vibrant mix of electronic sounds.

A Liverpool Art School research award enabled the appointment of a Visiting Fellow in Sound, the UK based sound artist Robin Rimbaud (aka scanner) who will also create an extended piece at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts during ISEA98.

Many of the artists participating in REV will also be appearing on the audio CD HOPE, an international collection of one-minute soundworks, to be published for ISEA98.

  • Colin Fallows, Curator (UK), Reader in Audio and Visual Arts, Liverpool Art School, Liverpool John Moores University.