[ISEA97] Artist Statement: Martin Gotfrit – Three Hands Clapping

Artist Statement

In the early 70’s, I built a 30-string zither. It has been reborn in fitting mid nineties fashion: joined to my computer and triggering Max “patches” or programs which control various signal processors and synthesizers as I play. There is a strong visual component to this work – reflected in various objects used to play the zither. Audio: music by Martin Gotfrit

  • Martin Gotfrit (Canada) teaches electroacoustic music and film sound at the School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia. As a composer his work includes scores for feature and documentary film, video, theatre, dance and the concert stage. As an improvising performer he has been the founding member of several ensembles, notably Metamusic, Hextremeties, The Praxis Quartet and The Giza All Stars. For the past sev-eral years Martin’s interests have focussed upon the use of computer systems in live performance. He was a founder of the Centre for Image and Sound Research (1989 -1995), Creative Director for the Music Machine Exhibition at Science World, has collaborated with several local, national and international artists on the Shadow Project, and has taught at the Contemporary Arts Computed Art Summer Intensives. Martin’s current compositional and research work centres upon continuing his work with sensing systems and the development of new user interfaces, “listening/ responcling” software and algorithmic composition systems. His recent applications, Nonet, Maker, and Cluster, are written with Opcode’s Max. youtube.com/watch?v=DCNVJTP_ZHY