[ISEA97] Artist Statement: Yasuhiro Otani — From Silent Spring

Artist Statement

This is a part of a project called Invisible Objects that is now going on. This project is that by challenging myself, I try to create real sound, push the use of technology and content in a live situation to the limit and make interactive music with sound, sound resource and software. The most impotant thing is that all of the music is improvised and played in a solo format. All composition, Performance, Sound Restructure by Ohtani.

Instruments:Computer Macintosh PowerBook 540C
Software: IRCAM MAX for Macintosh
Patches for improvisation made with MAX by myself
Realtime play&sampling software developed on C++.
Sampler: Ensoniq ASR-10

When originally designed, MAX Patches was created for improvisation. It was for SOLO Play. It is now developing so that it will be used for Duet and with orchestra. Realtime play &sampling software can communicate Ensoniq sampler via SCSI. This uses sound resource on Macintosh. Access is simple and fast. It plays with a Macintosh keyboard. Each sound resource can set loop, reverse, pitch bend, and modulation. Audio: Brain Wash

  • Yasuhiro Otani (Japan). Joined ISEA96 with Project Invisible Objects. I challenge myself by trying to create real sound, pushing the use of technology in a live situation to the limit, and making interactive music with sound, art, dance, and visuals (using CG). This is played SOLO and all of the music is improvised. I am currently a member of CEC (Canadian Electroacousitic Community), AMC (American Music Center) and Innocent Eyes and Lenses (at Chicago). sound.jp/paleblue/otani_Projects.htm