[ISEA97] Artist Statement: Pauli Laine – Jalopuun Takan

Artist Statement

Jalopuun Takao is text/sound composition using several languages and texts. It is composed using digital sound processing techniques and multitrack recorders. Jalopuun Takao tries to combine the textual content with culturally originated musical context.

  • Pauli Laine (Finland)¬†was born in 1962 in Espoo, Finland. She received her Master of Arts from University of Helsinki 1990. Currently working as researcher in Departement of Musicology in University of Helsinki, and preparing her dissertation on algorithmic simulation of certain aspects of musical cognition. Her main interests are programming, algorithmic composition and music cognition. She has composed several electronic music pieces using different techniques, but mostly without algorithmics. Her algorithmic pieces are oriented towards “easy listening” and “lounge.” Tape pieces have been presented in Helsinki and the Faroe Islands. Laine worked at the Sibelius Academy from 1990-1997, where she designed the SACMUS studio. She was a member of the ISEA94 concert organizing team.