[ISEA97] Artist Statement: Jin Taek Yoo – Three Geometric Tears

Artist Statement

The motivation for the piece exists because of my personal concern and fear for the planet’s disharmony and man’s discord. I am concerned about the current ecological circumstance and its relationship to the human species. I focus on the multiple characters of humans by projecting three different images of man and then use slow, low pitch computer generated sounds layered with human voices to represent their differences(race, ideology, economic standing, etc.). I use holographic-like techniques to create a sense of the fantastical: a point at which the viewer is confronted by an object and a space that exists outside of the realm of the rational or the easily understood. I also use sound as a key element within the installation spaces to reference the durational nature of experience. I construct sites which focus the attention of the viewer on the point of contact: the moment at which the intellect and the intuition recognize content simultaneously. This installation piece consists of three LCD projectors, three VCR decks, two audio amplifiers, six metal stands and three spinning screens (sphere shape). I believe that contemporary environmental conditions will motivate peoples of all different races, religious ideologies, and ethnic backgrounds to accept peaceful coexistence in avoidance of environmental crisis.

  • Jin Taek Yoo (U.S.A.). Education: M.F.A., 1997- The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Time Arts Department; M.F.A., 1995- Fine Arts College in Seoul National University. Professional Experience: 97: M.F.A. Fellowship, (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago); 94-95: Leader of POOM, Fine Arts Seminar Group; 92-95: Leader of DARE, Fine Arts Exhibition Group; 93: The DAREE was selected as an outstanding group by Korea Literature and Promotion, and had an invitational exhibition; 93-95: Member of Logos & Pathos, Fine Arts Group. Group Exhibitions: 97: M.F.A. Show, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; 96: The 8th Waveform (sound pre¬≠sentation),The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; 95: M.F.A. Show, Seoul National University; 94: The 9th Lgos & Pathos, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul; 93: The 5th Daree-93′ Invitational Exibition of Korean Art Group, Fine Art Center, Seoul; 93: The Thing-Existence & Space, Seoul Art Center; 93: The 9th Was & Pathos, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul; 93: The 4th Daree, Seoul Art Center.