[ISEA97] Artist Statement: Georg Muehleck – Live Space and Simulation: Inside The Surface

Artist Statement

Live Space & Simulation — Inside The Surface brings together settlements and CAs (Cellular Automatas) which developed forms reminding of aerial photographs of settlements. Creating CA pieces for several years made me appreciate the complex form and behavior of real nature again (something we’ve come to take for granted). CAs can bring results close to the beauty of nature, but still remain an artificial, human made something. It is the combination of a mind made structure and its breakdown through generative process that makes results different from purely human skilled design on one hand and biological nature on the other. I’ve made CAs that makes one think of aerial photographs of ancient remains, or of modern city shapes. Wouldn’t it be a challenge, to construct human settlements or buildings after (As, or taking in consideration using parts of them? The series Live Space and Simulation reflects on this idea. It is a journey into landscapes of the digitally polluted mind on the background of physical nature. To make this not only a theoretical subject, I put myself in the situation of living both extremes at once: Moving from the city to the”wilderness” of a National Park: Digital equipment surrounded by trees, hills, meadows, horses, sheep and a river. georgmuehleck.com/data/uploads/public-art/life-space-and-simulation/life_space_and_simulation_engl.pdf

  • Georg Mühleck (Germany)  was born 1954 in Neckarsulm, Germany; 1978 and 1979 residence in Spain; 1980 to 1991 transatlantic life/art (Montreal/Stuttgart); since 1991 life/art in Stuttgart. Prizes/grants include: Computer Integrated Media Research (Grant) Canada Council.; Arbeitsstipendium Al, Kunstfonds, Bonn.; Der Goldene Plotter (First Prize, International ComputerArt), Museum Gladbeck/GeK.; Accessibilite (Stipendium) Gouvernement du Quebec. Exhibitions/confer­ences/events:1996: Computer Art, Museum Gladbeck.; 1995: Vehicle Pool, events in various rooms, Galerie AVU, Prague, Ceska Republika.; ISEA95 Montreal.; International Computer Artists, Francis Colburn Gallery, Burlington, U.S.A..; Atrium Verra Galerie Arts Technologiques, Montreal.; Pow Wow (gathering and performance), BINZ39,Zuerich; Art Technology (I), Electrographic Biennial, Seoul; Gallery Artbeam, Seoul, Korea.; 1994: 13th World Computer Congress, Universität Hamburg.; Automata Mind, Galerie Manfred Rieker, Heilbronn.; 1993: Screen Heads – Automata Simulations, Galerie Arts Technologiques, Montreal.; Interface
    Musikhochschule Hamburg.; Montage 93: Copigraphic Interconnections, Visual Studies Workshop Gallery, Rochester, N.Y.; FISEA (ISEA93), Minneapolis, U.S.A..; Computer Kunst and Arte Digital, Goethe-Institut, Buenos Aires.; Fotofeis, Eden Court Gallery, Inverness, Scotland.; 1992: copy bites, Galerie Maerz, Linz.; Trivial Machines, Museum Hagen.; 1990: SISEA (ISEA90), Groningen.; The pirate art process, Galerie Rahmel, Cologne; Art Frankfurt (artist books), Messe Frankfurt. georgmuehleck.com