[ISEA97] Artists Statement: Silvia Matheus & Mark Goldstein – JOAN IS BACK…

Artists Statement

For live interactive computer synthesis.

Joan is Back. . . is an interactive composition for computer, processed sounds and synthesizers. The work was realized at the Computer Music Conference in Brazil in1996, at CNMAT (U.C. Berkeley Center for New Music and Audio Technologies) and Ms. Matheus’ private studio. It explores timbral space, visual space and gesture using the Lightning II alternative MIDI controller designed by Don Buchla. The structure consists of multiple layers: A through-composed stratum and a collection of themes whose ultimate order is determined in real time by the performers’ gestures in space with the Lightning wands. The score is written in the MAX programming language for Macintosh.

  • Silvia A. Matheus (Brazil/USA) holds a BA in Music from de Academia Paulista de Musica, Brazil, and an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College,Oakland, CA, USA. Ms. Matheus’ main focus is on interactive improvisation with computer and instrumental ensemble. Several of Ms. Matheus’ electronic music pieces have been presented at the international Computer Music Conferences: Hong Kong (1996), Canada (1995), and Japan (1993); International Computer Music Conference of Brazil (1996). Since 1991 she has been associated with CNMAT (Center for New Music and Audio Technologies) at University of California, Berkeley, where she presently works as an independent composer. Ms Matheus is dedicated to interactive computer music and improvisation, and she has been involved as a composer and sound designer in theater, dance productions and multimedia presentations in the Bay Area as well as Asia and Brazil.
  • Mark Goldstein (U.S.A.)  is an independent software consultant specializing in audio and musical applications. He is also a conservatory-trained percussionist and freelance musician. He has worked at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (U.C. Berkeley), the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (Stanford), Gibson Guitar G-WIZ Labs, and Studer Editech/Integrated Media Systems.    cnmat.org/Calendar/mark-PARC-3.27.97.html