[ISEA97] Artist Statement: Craig Harris – TIME TRAVEL

Artist Statement

Performed by Cathy Kuehn, alto flute, and Gary Schulte, violin.

Time Travel is a music composition for alto flute, violin, digital sampler, and sound effects processors. The alto flute provides the musical material that propels the work, employing a variety of brief motives and sounds that are highly suggestive of a timeless quality.The violin develops the flute’s material, providing a contrast in both sonic quality and style. Sound from the instruments are recorded both prior and during performance onto a digital sampler, and is transformed into multi-dimensional sound environments. The work incorporates a combination of notated and improvised content, blending the consistency of prescribed material with the vibrancy of improvisational and indeter-minate elements. Candy Kuehn performs the alto flute, and the violin is played by Gary Schulte. Craig Harris performs the EDI digital sampler and sound processing.

  • Craig R. Harris (U.S.A.)┬áis a composer, new media artist, performer, writer and educator. His artwork includes works for concert performance, music theater and performance art, dance,video, computer-based multimedia and art installation. Harris is Executive Editor of the Leonardo/MIT Press WWW journal Leonardo Electronic Almanac. The focus of Harris’ research is Configurable Space, a project that explores the creative process and the impact of new technology on the development of tools and environments for creative activity. Harris’work has been presented at a variety of international events, including ISEA 1996, the 1996 Copenhagen Film Festival, the 1997 Society for Electro-acoustic Music in the United States Conference, and the 1997 International Computer Music Conference. He is currently creating an electro-acoustic recital work for opera singer Renee Fleming, under a grant from the American Composers Forum, the Jerome Foundation and the Hanson Institute for American Music. He is editing a book documenting the Xerox PARC artist-in-residence program (PAIR), to be published by MIT Press in 1998 in the Leonardo Book Series. He received a Ph.D. in Music Composition from the Eastman School of Music in 1986.