[ISEA97] Paper: Vladimir Muzhesky – Nettropics Interactivity and the Synthetic Plane of Immanence


Reflecting the net as an extension of human informational processing one can encounter a certain sprout of its mental fractalization, which is essentially not a cluster or a map of possible informational pattern recombinations, but pretends to be as if it is, for a correspondent faculty of our mind has to survive and support the bio-electronic correspondence in the economy of action (operationally, it is nothing more than geometry of perception, of course). Hence, there is another economy, located beyond the simulation, a hyper simulatory pattern, which clashes artificial and human intelligence in the frame of homonified conceptual location. It suggests that the net can be a synthetic plane of Immanence, and that it can spatially realize the concepts which never could be realized before either on the institutional basis of philosophy, nor on the basis of folk economy of concreticism.

  • Vladimir Muzhesky (Ukraine)  currently works as Moderator, Nettropic Network, since 1997. Has served as Curator at the Laboratory of New Technologies, Kiev, Ukraine, since 1995. Education: Kiev Shevchenko University: Department of Linguistics, Department of Philosophy, MA,1994. Recent residencies and commissions: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholar­ship 1996-1997; Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev Ukraine scholarship 1996-1997; Stichting Intendance, Amsterdam, NL, commission, 1996.; Rijksakademie of Fine Arts residency, Amsterdam, NL, 1996-1997; Steim Electronic Foundation residency, Amsterdam, NL, 1996. Projects in progress: Nettropics: Content Formating Network, (Amsterdam, NL) is a complex of virtual worlds and mailing lists on the internet focused on new forms of content on the Internet. Basic Digital Survival Platform at Digital City, (Amsterdam NL) is a project in progress aimed to develop self-organizing virtual reality environment based on the bio-electronic dynamics. Recent presentations and exhibits: Transmedia 97, Berlin, Germany; ISEA96, Rotterdam, NL; European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, Germany, 1996; Amediality: Digital Matrices and Strategies, Kiev, Ukraine, 1996; Berlin Video Festival, Berlin, Germany, 1996; Next 5 Minutes: Tactical Media Conference, Amsterdam—Rotterdam, NL, 1996; Anabiosis, Blank Art Gallery ,Kiev,1996; ISEA94, Helsinki, Finland, 1994; Phosphorusloin, Blank Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine, 1995; Dirty Liaisons, Gallery of The Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine, 1995; World Wide Video Festival, The Hague, NL, 1994; The Space of Cultural Revolution, National Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine, 1994; Steppes of Europe, Center of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland, 1993; Art MIF-93, Moscow, Russia, 1993.

Full text p.38-42