[ISEA96] Artist Statement: Arleen Schloss – Marbleyes

Artist Statement

“Marbleyes” consists of an opaque screen embedded with 3-d, clear glass marbles that is mounted on the front surface of a video monitor. Video output can be in many forms: electronic art, web art, as well as live-feeds from ongoing installations with ambient sound and live camera / audience participation. My long-term involvement with both audience-participatory performance art and making video art “live” inside the camera, has given me both a micro and macro view of the world. Perhaps this is why the 3-d optical effects offered by the interface array of the glass marbles hold such a fascination for me. I began to see the resulting array of 3-d images as a metaphor for the multiple lenses in the eye of insects such as the horsefly, dragon fly and others. Although composed of thousands of separate lenses, their eyes function as a whole. This is also, of course, a wonderful metaphor for the multiplicity and interconnectivity of the world eye – the WWW.