[ISEA96] Artist Statement: Marcel Kaars — Combining 3-D animation with electronic music

Artist Statement

For the past two years I have been intensively involved in combining 3-D animation with electronic music. This has resulted in various abstract video films, clips and a science fiction film. More recently I have also begun to explore combinations including real space too, specifically, the flat image in space, and projection methods with regard to people and architecture. Almost as a counterpart to the production of electronic images, I also have a growing interest in primitive sound sculptures of wood, metal and water and the possibilities of existing conditions such as balance, gravity, cold and warmth and distance. In addition, I have been active as a volunteer producing childrens television at the University Hospital, Leiden. I am sure I have done other things, but I can’t remember them!

  • Marcel Kaars, Netherlands. Education: Graphic design, Royal Academy of the Fine Arts, Den Haag. 4th year student, Interdisciplinary studies in sound and sonology, Royal Conservatory, Den Haag, NL