[ISEA96] Artist Statement: Roz Dimon — The World’s Greatest Bar Chart

Artist Statement

An interactive art work on CD-ROM “The World’s Greatest Bar Chart” takes a serious but humorous look at humanity’s obsession with comparative measurement, a phenomenon particularly cultivated in capitalistic nations like the United States. The piece’s structure is based on the analytic bar chart used by businesses universally, but in this case juxtaposing everything from vitamins to whales to bomb sites. There is an additional irony to the piece in that such an illogical construction arises from the tools and language of the ultimate machine of logic and measurement, the computer. “What makes this multimedia artwork significant is that it succeeds in transcending the inherent limitations of its medium. Although the cyberpainting’s enigmatic interface is based on the structure of a traditional bar chart, it invokes a distinctly sensory quality through the use of images, color and sound.  Image: rozdimon.com/digital-paintings?lightbox=i218wx

  • Roz Dimon, USA, is a transplanted southerner to New York City who has been painting with a digital brush after her oil paintings began to fill with pixels. She is the creator of a new form of art and storytelling. rozdimon.com