[ISEA2020] Roundtable: Wim van der Plas & Christina Radner (Moderators) — Summit On New Media Art Archiving – Breakout Session 3: Funding for New Media Art Archives

Roundtable Statement

The Summit Break-Out session on Funding was attended by, among others, Oliver Grau (ADA), Isabel Meyer (Smithsonian Institute), Fabiana Krepel (Brasil), Rosalyn Chavarry (Lima Museum, Peru), Terry Wong (Hong Kong), Pablo Gobira (Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil).

Some of the suggestions for research funding opportunities include:

Samdani Art Foundation (Bangladesh)
Dhaka Art Summit
Arts Council and Lahore Museum (Pakistan)
Asia Art Archive (Hong Kong)

International Center For The Arts Of The Americas At The Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Canada),
Canada Council


  • Christina Radner, Ars Electronica, Austria
  • Wim van der Plas, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Co-founder of ISEA, organiser of First, Second and Seventh ISEA symposium. Former director of the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts and former board member of ISEA International. ISEA Symposium archivist. Honorary chair of the ISEA International Advisory Committee.