[ISEA2020] Poster: Harald Kraemer — The Primary Experience of Sentience: Exhibitions of Art and Media as a Parkour for Participative Visitors. Field Report and Critical Reflection


Keywords: Sentience, primary experience, visitor participation, curatorial and design strategies for exhibitions, media art

Works of art influence our perception in different ways. In exhibitions we pass the often successively lined up works of art and let ourselves be “touched” by them in different ways. But works of art are only one part of an exhibition. An exhibition is a framework, a grammar and in view of the changed visitor behaviour, the following questions arise:
How can sentience be transferred to the strategies of exhibiting and what possibilities do media, especially interactive media, offer to stimulate and enrich our sensibility?
How can a sequence of works of art be brought into a constellation in such a way that the exhibition creates a flow that supports sentience in various ways and leads to an added value?
Using the example of the various strategies used for the exhibitions The Age of Experience (Hong Kong 2015, Vienna 2016), ISEA2016 Hong Kong Cultural R>Evolution and Future Memories. Utopia Dystopia Nature (Hong Kong 2020), the exhibition’s various artworks, locations and narratives, the design and media of mediation can be mixed with the curator’s goals to create a rich spectrum of experiences for participative visitors. To discuss the curatorial strategies in individual discussions, this field report will be submitted as a poster.

  • Harald Kraemer. Since his PhD in Art History on Museum Informatics & Digital Collections and his MA in Museum and Curatorial Studies, he has been involved in more than 120 museum projects including numerous collection management databases and interactive media applications such as Virtual Transfer Musée Suisse, Artcampus or Vienna Walk. He curated and designed exhibitions like ISEA2016 in Hong Kong, The Age of Experience (HK 2015/Vienna 2016) or Interval in Space (Nairs/HK 2017). Kraemer has written and published widely on hypermedia design, museum informatics, digital collections, and contemporary art. Coming exhibition: Future Memories. Utopia – Dystopia – Nature (Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, in March 2021 in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong). scm.cityu.edu.hk